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725 N Loudoun St

Winchester, VA 22601

©2019 CrossFit Winchester, LLC.  No empty barbells were dropped in the making of this site.



5:30AM   M-W, F

9:00AM   M-Sat

4:30PM   M, Th

5:00PM   W, F

5:30PM   M, T, Th

6:00PM   W, F

6:30PM   M, T, Th


6:00AM   T, F

4:00PM   Th

4:30PM   M, T, W, F

7:00PM   F

*(30 min classes)

CrossFit 30

10:15AM  Sun

4:00PM    M, T, F

4:30PM    TH

5:00PM    M, T

5:15PM    W

7:00PM    M, T, W, Th

*(30 min classes)

Open Gym

5:30-10:00AM   M, W

6:30-10:00AM   T, F

9:00-10:00AM   Th

3:30-7:30 PM    M, W

3:30-5:30 PM    T, F

3:30-4:30 PM    Th

8:30-10:30AM  Sat

10AM-12:00PM  Sun

CF Teens

5:30PM    T, Th, F

11:00AM  Sun

CF Kids

6:00PM    T, Th, F

10:15AM  Sun

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