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Group training focusing on skill, strength, and conditioning for general physical preparedness (GPP)  

Classes are always coach-led and an hour long that include: warm-up, mobility, strength/core, bodybuilding, gymnastics,  work capacity.     


CF Youth

CFW Kids Classes have been led by Coach Paul since 2014.  Besides being a family man, nothing is as fulfilling as helping young athletes.  Purposeful training for strength.  Yes, STRENGTH! 


Program focuses:

  • Strength training

  • Physical literacy

  • Physical and Mental Fitness

  • Transferrable athletic performance


Want to give your child the best opportunity for preparedness into adulthood, collegiate sports, military, etc??  


Leave us a message by filling out the form below to tell us more about your child!

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Functional Training for Autism

Functional Training for Autism, Neurodivergent athletes and those with PTSD, Depression, or Anxiety.

Experience the latest in university research-based functional training to help re-balance the mind and body. Results differ from person to person, but the hope and success of this methodology unlocks all possibilities for positive growth. Our coaches have been trained under founders Mike Ramirez and Julien Pineau, who have helped hundreds of families on the west coast. We're excited to help them pioneer this outreach to our local DMV Autism community.


Strength-biased program focused to optimize your movement.

This is a specialized class offered seasonally.    Limited class spots.  

Interested in the next session? 

Let us know by contacting us below.

Think you have most things figured out? 

Find out what you don't know and need to know.

Close the gaps, and GET BETTER, FASTER, more PROFICIENT at CrossFit movements!

Fill out the form below to inquire about our next Structure sessions or Book your Personal Training. 




Personal Training

Receive an assessment, game-plan, and scheduled follow-up sessions.  Get a blueprint on building strength or hone in on high-skill movements.  

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